Sunday 30 September 2018

Police Road Side Checks

Seeing correctly while driving is crucial to road safety. It's true that most of us can see while we drive, but are we really seeing everything we need to?

Of course there are the legal requirements to meet, but having sharp vision gives us more time to react to hazards in the road. Police are stopping drivers and conducting road side eye examinations. If your unable to read a licence plate at 20 meters  your licence could be immediately revoked.

Large objects such as cars and road signs may be visible, but this isn't always a true representation of your vision. Having an up to date prescription and protection from glare can improve your vision.

The current UK driving laws only require vision to be tested once. It is then up to the driver personally to notify the DVLA if their vision becomes too poor to keep driving. With this new testing taking place across Hampshire, Thames Valley and West Midlands police the data found will give huge insight into visual standards nationally.

We sometimes forgot that our insurance providers will not hold the agreement if your vision is not meeting the requirement.

It has been great to see so many proactive patients coming to check their vision, book in to see one of our optometrists today.

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