Thursday 31 October 2019

Halloween horror for one unlucky contact lens lady

A  woman was rushed to ER after store bought contact lenses were suctioned to her eyes.

To really complete an outfit, many people like to add special effect contact lenses to finish off their scary disguise.  Be it coloured eyes, cat eyes or even white eyes there are so many options available, over the counter.

Although these lenses can be bought in-store without a proper fitting, these seamlessly harmless lenses can be sight threatening. 

There are countless stories where these lenses have gone wrong, yet they still remain for sale both online and in store. A recent case in America say Gaye, a 20 year old party goer comes  close to being blind.

After wearing the lenses for a party, consulting an online video on how to insert them, Gaye struggled to remove them and fell asleep with them in situ. Later awaking to somewhat blurry vision and a strange sensation, she instilled eye drops hoping to diffuse the situation and went back to sleep. By midway through the next day, the sensation had become unbearable and Gaye feared she may be going blind. 

A trip in the ambulance to a&e, an ophthalmologist told Gaye she had scratches on the surface of her eyes, the term corneal abrasions. 

Dr Thomas Steinemann commented, “All contact lenses are medical devices and the lens has to fit the patient,” the professor of ophthalmology who treated Miss Gaye. “Even though you may not wear a correction (prescription), the lens still has to fit the outer surface of your eye, the cornea.”

Though they may look legitimate, as fashion lenses are not regulated as they are from an optometrist they could themselves have germs or be defective with chips or tears. A study in America found 48% of these lenses were contaminated.

All contact lens fitting sessions come with dos and dont’s, to help ensure the safe use of the lenses. Things like avoiding contact with water, to prevent serious infection and even wearing the lenses inside out.  

If you have any concerns with your eyes or lenses you have been using, please contact our practices for an appointment with our Optometrists.