Friday 14 September 2018

Contact Lenses or Glasses?

Many people wear contact lenses for sport, special occasions or simply prefer them to their glasses. Modern lenses have come a long way since the traditional lenses first designed.

A daily disposable lens is exactly as it sounds. A fresh and clear lens is worn each day. Which is clean and has no oil build up. A properly fitted daily lens feels very comfortable, as it's thin and durable. An optometrist will fit them to the curve of your eye and make sure they interact well with your eyes.

There are lenses that can be worn for longer periods of time. At the end of each day, the lens is removed, rubbed and rinsed with cleaning solution and stored for next use. 

High prescriptions are also now catered for. With lenses being able to correct astigmatism and even 'reading' contact lenses. Which like varifocals, have a distance and near part. Meaning you could enjoy a conversation and check the menu without having switch glasses (depending on the suitability of your prescription).

When you think about how much you move around during sports, this is where contacts really shine. As they are fit onto your eye, you have a much bigger field of view. You don't need to look through any gaps, distortion or around a frame. There are no reflections from spectacle lenses and rain drops wont block your vision either, nor will they steam up!

A daily disposable is often preferred if they lenses are only for occasional use, or a for a few hours at sports practice. If your looking for wear your lenses more consistently, maybe on a day to day basis a monthly lens would be more suitable. A monthly lens is as it says on the tin. Wear them for a few hours a day, clean them off and store for the next use. Then at the end of a month cycle, bin them and start a fresh. 

Many parents are surprised to know that we fit children with lenses too. Most children and capable of inserting and removing lenses, they are quick to catch on and given good instruction, handle them safely. Lenses can help with sports at school, for children who need their glasses full time. It can help with their reaction times, confidence and view while playing.

Have you tried the new soft contact lenses? A fan of the RGP hard lenses? We fit contact lenses at all of our practices. 

We also now have recycling bins in our practices, read more about how tiny contact lens materials can break up in the sea.Click Here

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