Tuesday 5 February 2013

New Zeal iON 1080p Goggles - about
Life is a series of moments combined into memories. Finally, there is a way to capture those moments without having to sacrifice style or performance........... iON was built to be a goggle that can hang in the park with you on the biggest jumps or simply cruise some fresh corduroy with the family. Whatever the Journey, iON will help you never miss a moment!

- Anti-fog infused lens process
- impact resistant frame technology
- 100% UV protection
- Helmet compatible
- Dual strap adjustment         

iON captures 1080p HD quality video while on the move or standing still. Want to snap a quick photo? No need to take your gloves off, iON can shoot up to 8 megapixel photos for quick, easy, HD imagery.
The iON by ZEAL is born out of the need to continually evolve and lead the industry through technology that does nore than just exist, it redefines how you see the mountain.
Easily integrate with all social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more to share your memories.

- iON is incredibly easy to navigate use the
onboard view finder to set the camera to the
desired settings and review the videos + photos you Shoot.
- HD video can be taken in 1080p @ 30 FPS,
720p @ 60 FPS and 720p @ 30 FPS.
- iON uses only high speed HDSD cards up to
32GB. It comes equipped with an 8GB SD card which is enough for a couple of hours.
- The battery is a powerful 1200mAh lithium ion rechargeable type.

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