Friday 22 February 2013

Children uncover eye exam ignorance

New research has reported that 54% of children aged between 11 and 15 years are unaware of the recommended bi-annual eye check-up. 
The survey, which was commissioned by frames company Brulimar, found that 68% of none spectacle-wearing respondents were not aware they should have an eye test every two years, with a further 44% having never had their eyes tested at all. 
Managing director of Brulimar, Howard Librae, said: “Parents and carers are neglecting their children’s eye health if they don’t take them for regular optometrist checks every two years. As an industry with eye health as itsraison d’etre, we should be calling on the relevant bodies to properly promote children’s eye health, especially the importance of the bi-annual eye test, among parents and schools.” 
As part of the survey, 10 children were recruited to go undercover at school wearing clear-lens Bench frames. They recorded their thoughts on wearing frames, and questioned their classmates, teachers and other adults about glasses and eye health. 
More positively, the results showed a ‘significant’ shift in young people’s attitudes towards wearing glasses, with many ‘ Eye Spies’ reporting increased confidence after wearing the frames for five days. 
Mr Librae added: “Our industry is to be applauded for creating frames that young people genuinely like wearing. We’ve come a long way from the dreaded children’s eyewear of 25 years ago. It’s easy for grown-ups to forget what it’s like to wear glasses for the first time, and in the Eye Spies survey we wanted to look at any barriers so we could better address them.”

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