Saturday 23 March 2013

Call for university students with visual impairment

A Bristol University student would like to hear from people with visual impairment who are studying for a degree at a UK University.
Libby Hudson, who works at the Royal National College for the Blind, would like to find out what factors affect whether students with visual impairment are able to settle into university life and successfully complete their degrees. 
“At the moment, we know that students with visual impairment are less likely to complete their studies successfully,” she explained. “The situation may be improving, but it is still the case that, more generally speaking, undergraduates with declared disabilities are less likely to gain first class Honours degrees than their peers. 
“We know something about the barriers students face, but we need to know more about how students perceive those barriers, and about what forms of support are most effective and what other factors affect their chances of staying on course and achieving.”
Anyone who would like to support Ms Hudson with her dissertation work, which will help her complete her Masters Degree in the Psychology of Education, should send an email to

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