Wednesday 30 January 2013

Optom spots tumour during routine test

A young woman is highlighting the importance of regular eye exams after a routine test resulted in emergency surgery to remove a brain tumour. 
Amber Carter attended Haine & Smith in Chippenham after suffering sickness and severe headaches for several months.
She explained: “My GP suggested I saw an optician as I might need glasses. I was so desperate I booked an eye test with Haine & Smith straight away. The optician gave me an urgent referral to the Royal United Hospital in Bath and the next day I had an eight-hour operation to remove a benign grade 1 tumour”
Examined by optometrist Anna Lewin, who has worked for the independent for over 10 years, Ms Lewin noted that the 23-year-old’s optic nerves were swollen and referred as a matter of urgency. 
Barry Smith, co-founder of the independent, said: “Amber’s case illustrates how important it is for people of all ages to have regular eye tests. In addition to checking any deterioration in vision, a number of underlying health problems can be revealed by your optician looking at your eyes.”

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