Friday 11 January 2013

Essilor widens Varilux view

Essilor is launching the seventh generation varifocal design Varilux S series in a move that it described as breaking the traditional limitations of varifocal performance.The company said the lens was developed through Essilor's LiveOptics approach that gave wearers an extremely wide field of vision with minimal swim effect.

The correction was realised through two advances in optics - SynchronEyes which considered the physiological differences between the eyes to ensure maximised binocular fields of vision, and Nanoptix which re-engineered the lens structure to virtually eliminate swim effect.Essilor added that practitioners with a Visioffice Universal measuring device could advance the performance even further through Eyecode frame fitting conditions and a personalisation technique which considered the dominant eye.'These unique wearer characteristics are factored into the premium S series lens, Varilux S4D, and in doing so the practitioner improves the wearer's visual reaction time.'Professor Mo Jalie commented: 'Even people who in the past have been unsuccessful with progressive lenses should now find the new features of these lenses very easy to adapt to.'

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