Wednesday 16 January 2013

Charity extends information support

The charity SeeAbility has expanded its website to offer an online information service which is dedicated to eye health care for people with learning disabilities. 
The new area  – – has been developed in partnership with Mencap and aims to improve access to eye care information for people with learning disabilities. 
There are an estimated one million adults living with learning disabilities in the UK. They are 10 times more likely to be blind or partially sighted than others, while six out of 10 will require spectacles.
The development of the new online section is the result of a study involving people with learning disabilities, support staff and High Street practitioners.
The website area includes easy read fact sheets and videos with information on eye health, while there is a female avatar, which describes what's on the screen, built in for those who are unable to read. 
A second new area –  – contains a database where optometrists can enter their practice information to enable people with learning disabilities to find a local optometrist who can test them with ease. 
Matin Thomas, information manager at the charity, said: "It is difficult for people with learning disabilities to access good, appropriate eye care.
"We worked with people who would benefit from this service to ensure that it is user-friendly and provides them and their careers with the information they need to prepare for a sight test."

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