Saturday 29 March 2014

Ophthalmology services for private patients - Southampton General Hospital

Private patients can choose to benefit from high quality eye care by local NHS consultants at Southampton General Hospital.
Fewer non-urgent services can be paid for by the NHS but we know that patients still want to see our expert staff and be treated within the advanced care environment of a specialist teaching hospital.
We offer the full range of consultations, investigations and treatments that you would expect from a specialist hospital including oculoplastics, glaucoma, corneal conditions, diabetic eye disease, macular and retinal conditions and cataract surgery.
If you are interested contact us by phone on 023 8120 6853 or email

Cataract surgery

Our premier cataract service offers a new option, between the traditional private sector and the NHS, bringing private healthcare within the reach of many more people.
  • This service offers you the option of cataract surgery even if  your vision is better than the current level required for NHS surgery. We offer surgery when you feel you need it.
  • You will be assessed by a consultant eye surgeon and measured for your new lens at the same visit saving you time and effort.
  • Surgery will be offered much sooner than the usual NHS wait and we predict that the wait will come down even further as more people take advantage of this service. You will then be reviewed by a consultant after the operation, where you can discuss second eye surgery.
The price for this service is £1400, with a significant proportion of the fee going back to support the Eye Unit.

Our staff

Patients will be seen by a member of our team of local consultants who will take you through the pre- and post-operative journey as well as performing surgery. Meet our consultant team.
Our consultants are recognised regionally and nationally for their expertise,  offering both routine and super-specialist services to other units in the region.
Consultant anaesthetists with extensive experience in ophthalmic anaesthesia and sedation will provide specialist services and there is 24-hour support for post-operative patients.
Patients will be cared for by some of the most experienced nursing and theatre staff in the region and will also have access to our highly-regarded team of optometrists and orthoptists

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