Wednesday 24 April 2013

Virtual glaucoma clinics established

A prototype programme which remotely collects the data of glaucoma patients and enables it to be viewed by specialists for diagnosis at another location has been developed by experts at Moorfields Eye Hospital. 
Established in partnership with the facility’s OpenEyes team, Charing System and Black Pear software, the pilot application aims to enable the creation of virtual glaucoma clinics, which will result in less frequent hospital visits for patients. It will also free up the time of glaucoma specialists’.
Designed for use on iPads, the system was funded by a £75,000 grant from the NHS Connecting for Health’s Interoperability Toolkit (ITK) Information Sharing Challenge Fund (ISCF). 
The prototype uses iPads to enable an iRIS entitled Black Pear app to capture the metrics associated with glaucoma assessments. The data is then sent from the iPad to Moorfields’ OpenEyes patient record system using ITK, where a specialist consultant can diagnose glaucoma, if required.

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