Monday 22 April 2013

Eye research unveiled at rheumatology conference

Research into how rheumatologists can prevent blindness from uveitis and arteritis will be presented at the British Society for Rheumatology’s (BSR’s) conference, Rheumatology 2013, this month.
Posters at the conference will include research into antibodies which could detect children with juvenile arthritis who are most at risk of uveitis. An oral abstract will also inform ophthalmologists on checking patients with acute anterior uveitis for spondyloarthropathy.
President of the BSR, Dr Chris Deighton, said: “Losing vision has a devastating impact. People lose their independence and their jobs, and these are patients who are already trying to cope with the rest of their rheumatological condition. Closer working between health professionals that will lead to better outcomes for people’s vision is tremendously important.”
The conference will take place in Birmingham from April 23-25.

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