Tuesday 11 December 2012

Moorfields establishes new patient support service

Moorfields has launched a new integrated patient support service which aims to assist patients coming to terms with sight threatening diseases, treatment and visual impairment. 
The service offers counselling, emotional and psychological support, practical advice and information on services outside the hospital.
Charitable funds from a number of organisations have made the new service possible, which includes four eye clinic liaison
officers, two nurse counsellors and a Certificate of Visual Impairment team. 
While the new eye clinic liaison post, which will be based in Northwick Park and Ealing hospitals, has been funded by Friends of Moorfields and Action for Blind People, the nurse councillor position is supported by the Marie-Louise Von Motesiczky Foundation. 
Moorfields director of nursing an allied health professionals, Tracy Luckett, said: “Moorfields has long recognised the importance of offering psychological, emotional and proactive practical support and advice to patients who often find them having to deal with devastating news about their sight conditions. We have offered a number of services in the past at several of our sites but are now able by integrating all our patient support services under one manager and – with the help of charitable support from a number of organisations – to offer a one stop shop approach for liaison and advice purposes.”

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