Tuesday 5 November 2019

Cacicol corneal regenerative drops

CACICOL® is the first ophthalmologic matrix therapy agent which triggers REGENERATION of damaged tissues for ENHANCED HEALING.

 The Cacicol drop belongs to the regenerating agent family (or RGTA). These agents are key in corneal matrix repair therapy (or matrix repair). Cacicol helps to trigger the regeneration of damaged tissues for enhanced healing. It makes it possible to delay or even avoid more invasive surgical procedures. ItCacicol is intended for the management of chronic corneal wound healing, such as in dry eye, with persistent epithelial defects (where the surface layer of cells the epithelium is damaged) and persistent corneal dystrophies with associated pain. Cacicol is a regulated healthcare product which requires a medical prescription, to ensure it is best course of treatment  for each patient.Each box of contains 5 detachable and ready-to-use single-dose units and are preservative-free drops which are administered once or twice a week. CACICOL® acts as a scaffold. Its matrix structure permits the fixation and the protection of the components involved in the tissue regeneration process.


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